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IQOS Stores

Go to one of our stores to request an IQOS demo.

IQOS Stores

Visit our IQOS stores in Portugal to get a demo and personalized assistance.

The lending service is limited to the existing stock. Contact our free Customer Service line (800 200 098) to book an IQOS kit at the location that is most convenient for you.

  • Aveiro

    A Tabacaria CC Fórum Aveiro
  • Braga

    Tabacaria Pais CC Braga Parque
  • Coimbra

    A Tabacaria CC Fórum Coimbra
  • Évora

    Tabacaria Marques CC Évora Plaza
  • Faro

    Tabacaria Quick Pick CC Fórum Algarve
  • Funchal

    Tabacaria Revistimade Madeira Shopping
  • Lisboa

    Tabacaria Rima CC Alegro Alfragide
  • Lisboa

    Tabacaria Rima CC Fórum Sintra
  • Lisboa

    IT Tabacaria CC Dolce Vita Tejo
  • Lisboa

    Tabacaria Casino Estoril Casino, Estoril
  • Porto

    Tabacaria Quisque do Mar CC Mar Shopping
  • Porto

    Tabacaria Jocorum Arrábida Shopping
  • Porto

    Tabacaria Alvorada NorteShopping
  • Santarém

    Tabacaria Press News CC W Shopping
  • Setúbal

    Tabacaria Tabak CC Alegro Setúbal
  • Setúbal

    Tabacaria To Rafa Rio Sul Shopping
  • Setúbal

    IT Tabacarias CC Almada Fórum
  • Viana do Castelo

    Kyos Press Center Estação Viana Shopping
  • Viseu

    Tabacaria Cigarette CC Palácio do Gelo
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