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Terms and Conditions – Try IQOS

The terms and conditions of the IQOS Lending Program (hereinafter called “Lending Program”) set the rights and obligations of Tabaqueira II, S.A. (hereinafter called Tabaqueira) and of the user (hereinafter called Borrower).

The Lending Program aims to provide adult smokers the opportunity to try a refurbished IQOS equipment, allowing them to make an informed decision and to have a specialized assistance during the Lending Program, before purchasing an IQOS device.

The IQOS system is an electronic device that provides an alternative solution to tobacco consumption exclusively intended for adult users of tobacco and/or nicotine products, so it can only be used by adults (+18).

The accession of the Borrower to the Lending Program assumes that he is informed regarding the terms and conditions of the Lending Program and that he shall return the borrowed equipment, with all its accessories, within a maximum of 14 days, under penalty of Tabaqueira to use all available means, including judicial means, for its return.

Tabaqueira may update the Terms and Conditions of the Lending Program at any time, without the need of prior communication, so it is recommended to periodically consult these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Anyone over 18 (eighteen) years old, who is a smoker is eligible to join the Lending Program.
  2. Your accession as a Borrower to this Lending Program assumes the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Tabaqueira offers, as a loan, a refurbished IQOS equipment limited to the existing stock.
  4. The equipment is granted to the Borrower for personal use for a maximum period of 14 (fourteen) days, from the start date of the Lending Program.
  5. The Borrower shall return the equipment at the end of the agreed period, at the place where the Lending Program was started at. The equipment must include all items that were granted at the beginning of the Lending Program: IQOS device, IQOS Pocket Charger, Plug Adapter, USB Cable and cleaning brush.
  6. The equipment cannot be sold, transferred or otherwise transmitted to third parties.
  7. The IQOS Lending Service can only be used for personal purposes. It is strictly prohibited its use for commercial purposes.
  8. The Borrower commits to keep and preserve the equipment that was borrowed to him and to return it at the end of the contract.
  9. Tabaqueira reserves the right to use all available means, including judicial means, in case the Borrower does not choose to purchase the equipment in accordance with the conditions of sale of Tabaqueira and does not return the equipment under the conditions and deadlines previously mentioned.
  10. In case the equipment is lost and/or stolen, the Borrower must inform the point of sale where the Lending Program was started at as soon as possible.
  11. The equipment granted meets the technical requirements applicable to it and may have been previously used.
  12. At the time of registration of the Lending Program, the following personal data may be requested for correct and complete identification to be proven by displaying the identification document: Name, Mobile Number, E-mail, Birth date, Tax Identification Number.

For clarification of any questions related to these Terms and Conditions, please contact 800 200 098, which will also be available during the Lending period to clarify any questions.

The personal data mentioned/collected from the Borrower under this Lending Program, will be processed by Tabaqueira II S.A. for deployment purposes of the Lending Program, as well as for conducting satisfaction surveys in accordance with the privacy policy, available at https://www.pmiprivacy.com/pt-pt/consumer. For any question related to the collection and processing of personal data, the User may contact Tabaqueira II S.A. by e-mail contact.pt@iqos.com or by phone number to 800 200 098.


The Borrower further states that:

  • Is over 18 years old, is a smoker and is committed to complying with the IQOS user guide.
  • Agrees to be contacted for assistance and for technical support during the Lending Program, as well as for conducting satisfaction surveys.


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