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Exclusive Services

IQOS users with registered equipment have access to our Exclusive Services available to registered users only.

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  • Exclusive support services

    Exclusive services for registered users


By creating an IQOS account, registering your device and completing your profile, you activate our Exclusive Services platform for registered users.

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Make an informed decision.

  • Learn more about IQOS

    Visit one of our IQOS stores or a selected partner to learn how IQOS works with an IQOS expert.
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Get support

Care you can count on

  • Online guidance

    How-to videos, step-by-step guidance, tools and techniques to help you get the best from your device.
  • Troubleshooting

    Online troubleshooting content for you to fast-track fixing your device.
  • Contacts

    Our IQOS team is available to help you everyday.
  • Book an appointment

    Choose the time and day for a in-store personalized assistance and book your appointment in advance.

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Exclusive services available for registered users only

By registering your IQOS device and completing your user profile, you will be able to access exclusive support services.

  • Accidental Damage

    Our accidental damage policy allows additional support in case of any accident to your equipment, within the first year of purchase, without having to provide proof of warranty. The service is free of charge, guarantees 1 replacement per unit of ILUMA series devices, lil SOLID 2.0, and is only available to registered myIQOS users.
  • Warranty without invoice

    By creating an IQOS account you will have access to the warranty without the need to present proof of purchase.
  • Personalized Support

    Assistance when required
  • QURE -Diagnostics tool

    The IQOS self-diagnostic tool helps to identify & fix the issue with your device.

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