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What is IQOS

IQOS is a smoke-free heated tobacco technology that heats tobacco instead of burning it.

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An IQOS device next to a bowl of popcorn.
A golden IQOS 3 DUO.

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IQOS heats tobacco instead of burning it, providing a true tobacco taste experience.

Designed to be used with HEETS tobacco sticks.

Discover IQOS

Discover IQOS

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lil SOLID 2.0

It's Simple

Simple. An all-in-one heated tobacco device that uses a pin to heat tobacco from the inside. No ash, no fire and no cigarette smell.

Designed to be used with Fiitz tobacco sticks.

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An alternative to cigarettes.

IQOS heats tobacco without burning it, emitting 95% less harmful chemicals than cigarettes.** No smoke, no ash, no lingering smell.

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