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General Purchase Conditions

These General Purchase Conditions ("GPC") shall govern the acquisition of products and services marketed by Philip Morris International Inc., operating as the parent company of several direct and indirect affiliates, jointly referred to as Philip Morris International Group or PMI, which mainly carry out the manufacture and marketing of tobacco products worldwide, though the PMI website

These General Purchase Conditionsare binding for Tabaqueira II, S.A., legal entity no. 508254043 with registered office at Avenida Alfredo da Silva, 35, Albarraque, 2639-002 Rio de Mouro, Portugal (hereinafter "Tabaqueira"), the abovementioned entities that form an integral part of PMI group, and for the natural or legal persons, in their capacity as Users and/or Costumers, who intend to access the website and purchase the products and services available in the online store.

The products and services made available in Portugal through this website are sold by the company Rangel 2C - Rangel to Consumer, S.A. (hereinafter "Rangel"), with contact number 800 300 500, and registered office at Rua da Serra, 654, Folgosa, 4445-909 Folgosa - Maia, which is responsible for the distribution of IQOS Products and the provision of online payment processing services on the Website.

1. Definitions

"Terms" means these terms and conditions.

"Product" means any of our products available for sale on our website or over the phone

"Product Description" means the content of the website where the terms and conditions associated with each Product are described individually.

"Legal warranty" means any commitment or statement made by a seller or manufacturer to the consumer, at no additional cost, to repay the price paid, replace, repair or otherwise dispose of a consumer good, if it does not meet the conditions set out in the no warranty statement or in the respective advertising;

"Users" and "Customers" means all users of the website.

"We" and "our" means Philip Morris International Inc., PMI MSA and/or Tabaqueira.

"Websites" means the available websites or subsequent links/URL that may replace them.

"Cookies" rmeans the small text files that our websites place on your computer's hard drive to store information about you and identify its user, according to our Cookie Policy.

"Portugal" means Mainland Portugal and Islands.

2. Online Store

The management of the e-commerce services hosted on the website is the responsibility of the company Rangel 2C - Rangel to Consumer, S.A. ("RANGEL"), Rua da Serra, 654, Folgosa, 4445-909 Folgosa - Maia.

Consequently, when You place an order on the Website, you are purchasing Products from RANGEL. RANGEL is also responsible for the preparation, packaging, billing and delivery of orders at the indicated address.

3. Conclusion of the agreement

Tabaqueira markets through the company Rangel 2C - Rangel to Consumer S.A. the Tabaqueira products and services that the Customer purchases at a distance, which are made available on the website, whose transactions shall be governed by these General Sales Conditions.

The agreement shall be entered into exclusively through the Internet, upon access by the User to his/her MyIQOS restricted area, by sending a purchase order, in accordance with the procedure set forth in the following clause, and receiving the acceptance of Tabaqueira.

The purchase order transmitted by the Customer through the website shall have the value of a contractual proposal and shall be governed by these General Sales Conditions, which must be accepted in full and without any reservation by the Customer, so that the agreement can be entered into.

The purchase order transmitted by the Customer through the website shall have the value of a contractual proposal and shall be governed by these General Sales Conditions, which must be accepted in full and without any reservation by the Customer, so that the agreement can be entered into.

4. Purchasing process

You can place an order on our online shop.

For online purchases, You must login in on the website.

The sale of the IQOS system and all its components is prohibited to persons under 18 years of age residing in Portugal. To place an order, You must register with your Personal Data and indicate your date of birth, which constitutes your statement of legal age. The delivery of the Products is dependent on the verification and confirmation of legal age of the Customer.

Tabaqueira reserves the right to change, at any time, the availability of Products and/or to definitively delete certain Products, as well as to cancel orders if it suspects that these Conditions have been breached.

You may order up to 5 articles with the same reference per order, except if otherwise indicated in the Product Description.

5. Pre-Contractual information

The Customer is informed of the product features, price and possible promotion campaigns prior to the conclusion of the agreement, by viewing the product data sheet.

Before the conclusion of the agreement and before receipt of the order, the Customer is informed about:

  • Seller identification;
  • final amount of the order, including taxes and shipping costs, if applicable;
  • method of payment and estimated time of receipt of the order;
  • after-sales conditions and legal warranties.
6. Prices and methods of payment

The prices shown on the Website are expressed in Euros and include VAT at the rate in force. In case of change, the value presented to the Customer when the order is placed shall prevail.

Delivery is free for all orders.

The payment of orders can be made by generating a payment MB WAY, ATM reference, or by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Upon confirmation of payment, it is not possible to reimburse the amount, unless the conditions set forth in the "Right of Withdrawal" clause are met.

The respective invoice shall be sent with the order.

We use the Transport Layer Security (TSL) encryption and other cryptographic technologies and certified systems to ensure the security of the personal data of consumers, in compliance with the law in force.

7. Delivery and Shipping time

The delivery is limited to Mainland Portugal and Madeira Island and shall be made at the address indicated by the Customer at the time of placing the order.

On the day of delivery, it is mandatory to present the Customer's identification document in order to verify the legal age. In case it is delivered to a third party, it is also mandatory to present the identification document of both the Customer and the receiver of the products.

The delivery and sale shall be cancelled, and the amount paid returned if the legal age of either the Customer or the receiver of the products cannot be verified or after two unsuccessful delivery attempts.

Delivery of the order is made by courier within 2 business days for orders paid by 4pm on a business day. There are no deliveries on weekends or bank holidays.

Delivery of the order is made by courier within 2 business days for orders paid by 4pm on a business day. There are no deliveries on weekends or bank holidays.

Failure to comply with delivery times shall not give rise to the payment of any compensation, but in case of delay the Customer may request the cancellation of the order.

8. Warranties

PMI guarantees to the Customer that the products have no material or design defects and are in accordance with the description available on the website.

PMI is liable, under the terms and for the purposes of Decree-Law No. 84/2021 of 18 October for any lack of conformity that exists at the time of delivery of the goods and which manifests itself within the period (which is three years) and conditions set out therein.

9. Returns

If the Product delivered is defective, it may be returned and replaced within the time limits set forth in the Law, excluding any other liability and any other grounds.

To return, You shall send the item(s) with the Return Form filled out and IBAN proof by mail to:

Tabaqueira II, S.A
Serviço assistência pós-venda IQOS
Parque Industrial Solvay, Marinhas D.Ana – Quebradas de Cima,
Armazém 5, Fracção M – Armazém Rangel
2625-090 Póvoa de Santa Iria

The costs resulting from the return of items shall be borne by You and the refund of the amount paid by the Product(s) shall be made after validation of the returned itemsthe refund will be done by bank transfer for payments made by Multibanco Reference or directly to the card for payments made by MB WAY or Credit Card. The amount to be refunded shall correspond to the price of the Product(s) included in the sales invoice, with no additional charge and without undue delay, and shall be made within a maximum of fourteen (14) days, with the refund being subject to withholding until the returned items are received at the indicated address.

10. Prohibition of use for commercial purposes

The resale of Products made available on the Website is strictly prohibited.

11. Complaints and Customer Service

The Customer may address any complaints, questions or suggestions to Tabaqueira

  • By phone to 800 200 098 (from 9am to 9pm);
  • By email to
  • Write us to Tabaqueira II, S.A. Serviço pós-venda IQOS, Avenida Alfredo da Silva, 35 Albarraque, 2639-002 Rio de Mouro - Portugal.
12. Privacy Policy

The processing of personal data is made in compliance with the legislation currently in force, and You may consult our Privacy Policy here.

13. Applicable law and Jurisdiction

These conditions shall be governed by Portuguese law.

In the event of any dispute, You may use the Europeean platform of resolution body available at For more informations please visit

You can also use an Alternative Dispute Resolution Body ("ADR") . For more information and to consult the list of ADR bodies, please visit the Consumer Portal:

Tabaqueira II, S.A. and Philip Morris International are aware that Users can access this website from any jurisdiction in the world without the former companies being able to prevent such access. This website was, however, designed in accordance with Portuguese law. If the content of this website or its use are contrary to the laws of the country where a User is accessing it, that means that this website is not intended for such User and he/she must refrain from accessing it. The User has the obligation to be informed about the laws of his/her jurisdiction and undertakes to comply with them.