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IQOS circularity initiatives: How IQOS is working to reduce environmental impact
IQOS circularity initiatives: How IQOS is working to reduce environmental impact

IQOS circularity initiatives: How IQOS is working to reduce environmental impact

We are taking small steps to reduce the environmental impact of our products. We believe that together, our small steps lead to bigger change.

1. Designing for less environmental impact

Reducing our environmental impact begins at the design phase. This is why our work is guided by our Sustainable Design Framework which includes four key design principles: sustainable materials, minimizing carbon footprint from energy use and transport, product lifetime optimisation, circularity, and responsible production and end-of-life disposal. We have always been at the forefront of innovation, and today we are taking the steps to achieve eco-certification for our smoke-free electronic devices introduced on the market as of the end of 2025. The devices are part of a new product category, which current eco-design certification standards do not yet cover. This is why we are exploring several options necessary to achieve our goal.

2. Reducing unnecessary packaging

We are working to reduce unnecessary packaging from our devices and heated tobacco sticks without compromising protection and convenience. Overall, between 2018 and 2021, we reduced our total packaging materials weight by 8% and are on track to meet our 15% reduction target by 2025. By reducing the overall volume of materials used and materials from non-renewable sources (particularly metals and non-recyclable plastics), we are improving the recyclability of all our IQOS packaging. Our goal is to have 100% of our IQOS packaging made from recyclable materials by 2025. In 2021, we launched new packaging for IQOS ILUMA without any plastic shrink film or plastic window, leading to a 9-ton reduction in plastics used. The efficiency of packaging materials was also improved, with new packaging formats being 40% lighter and 20% smaller, representing 43 tons of fibre-based packaging. We also worked to facilitate the proper disposal of packaging by consumers. In order to achieve complete recyclability of our heated tobacco devices and accessories packaging in the paper stream by 2025, we stopped using magnets in our device boxes and are now taking steps to replace plastic laminated board. In 2023, we also removed all unnecessary non-recyclable handles from our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper brand retail bags to make them fully recyclable in the paper stream.

3. Supporting responsible disposal

We want our IQOS users to have a better user experience with less impact on the environment, which means managing the waste created. The Circular Programme allows users to deliver unused IQOS devices and used VEEV devices/pods for responsible treatment.

4. Ensuring our devices last longer

We are striving to improve durability and longevity of our devices at the design stage and by supporting our users in device care. By evolving the quality, durability and reliability, we continue to develop long-lasting devices, lower return rates, improve our device circularity and have less quantity that ends up as waste.
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