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IQOS stores are open again
IQOS stores are open again

IQOS stores are open again

Come and visit our new IQOS stores. We are available to provide you with the best service in our stores, with personalized assistance from our team of experts. Visit us:

  • Quiosque Qstore AlgarveShopping
  • Qstore Almada Fórum
  • Quiosque Qstore Amoreiras Shopping Center
  • Quiosque Qstore ArrábidaShopping
  • Qstore Glicínias Plaza
  • Qstore Braga Parque
  • Qstore CascaiShopping
  • Quiosque Qstore Fórum Coimbra
  • Qstore Centro Colombo
  • Qstore GaiaShopping
  • Quiosque Qstore GuimarãeShopping
  • Quiosque Qstore LeiriaShopping
  • Quiosque Qstore Forum Madeira
  • Quiosque Qstore MarShopping
  • Quiosque Qstore Alegro Montijo
  • Quiosque Qstore Parque Nascente
  • Qstore NorteShopping
  • Quiosque Qstore Oeiras Parque
  • Quiosque Qstore Palácio do Gelo
  • Qstore Saldanha Residence
  • Quiosque Qstore Alegro Setúbal
  • Quiosque Qstore Alegro Sintra
  • Quiosque Qstore UBBO
  • Qstore Centro Vasco da Gama
  • Quiosque Qstore Via Catarina

We offer premium services at our IQOS stores

Besides welcoming you, at our IQOS stores you have access to exclusive services.

  • Dedicated and specialized service
  • Cleaning and Charging Service
  • Technical assistance in case of breakdown
  • IQOS firmware upgrade
  • IQOS Trade-In Program
  • Display and sale of IQOS full range of equipment and accessories

This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.