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QURE – New Online Diagnostic Tool
IQOS 3 charger lights

QURE – New Online Diagnostic Tool

We work daily to make your experience with us the best, even when your IQOS device has a problem.

From now on, it will be faster and easier to identify and resolve any issues with your IQOS using QURE, the new Online Diagnostics tool.

If your IQOS device or charger is not working properly, sign in to your account and make a diagnosis. Follow the steps to resolve the issue and if replacement is required, select the nearest IQOS Exchange Point. Your replacement IQOS will be automatically reserved for you and you can pick it up at any time.

QURE is available 24/7 for all versions of IQOS * and replaces the need to contact our IQOS Customer Service or wait at a store for a diagnosis to be made. It’s fast and easy.


How to use QURE?

  1. Log in to
    Log in to your IQOS account and click on the My Equipment section.
  1. Select the equipment
    Choose the equipment and click on Manage Device.
  1. Click on the Self Diagnosis option.
    Start the screening process and follow the steps to resolve the issue.
  1. Exchange your IQOS
    If the problem persists and is eligible, select the nearest IQOS Exchange Point to pick up your replacement IQOS.


* Except limited editions. Limited to existing stock.

This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.