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Programa Circular

Collect of IQOS devices,
VEEV devices and pods

Have an IQOS device, VEEV devices and/or pods that you no longer use?
Deliver it to a Qstore so that we can treat it responsibly and together reduce the environmental impact.

Return unused device.

Take the first step

Return unused device. We'll treat it responsibly.

Qstore locator

Equipamentos IQOS.

IQOS devices collection

Have an IQOS device you are not using? Drop it off at a Qstore so we can treat it responsibly and together reduce its environmental impact.

Qstore locator

Dispositivos e recargas VEEV.

Collection of VEEV devices and pods

Have an used VEEV device and/or pods? Drop it off at a Qstore so we can treat it responsibly and together reduce its environmental impact.

Qstore locator

Find out more about our circularity efforts

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Helpful information

You can return your IQOS or VEEV ONE device that no longer use and original electronic accessories in a Qstore, leaving it at the designated bin.

You can return the following devices: IQOS ORIGINALS DUO, IQOS ORIGINALS ONE, BONDS by IQOS, lil SOLID, IQOS VEEV/VEEV , VEEV ONE, VEEV NOW disposables, IQOS™ 3 DUO, IQOS™ 3 MULTI, IQOS™ 2.4 Plus.

And the original electronic accessories: IQOS USB charging cable, IQOS AC Power Adaptor, IQOS™ 2.4 Plus Single Charging Dock, IQOS™ 2.4 Plus Double Charging Dock, IQOS™ 3 MULTI Charging Dock and IQOS™ Car Charger.

After being collected, the devices are treated responsibly by our partners.

The program is totally free. There is no cost to return equipment that you no longer use.

With Circular Programme you are enable to bring back your old IQOS and VEEV devices or pods and relevant electronic accessories when you no longer use them to be treated responsibly.

IQOS Retake Program allows you to buy IQOS ILUMA using the trade-in value assigned to your old equipment.

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