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How to take care of your IQOS: 4 tips to extend your IQOS battery life
How to take care of your IQOS: 4 tips to extend your IQOS battery life

How to take care of your IQOS: 4 tips to extend your IQOS battery life

Would you like to extend your IQOS battery life?

Like any other electronic device, frequent use tends to drain power and performance if it’s not correctly used, and no one wants to be caught short with a flat IQOS. We’ve compiled a list of four tips to extend your IQOS battery life, as well as some advice to charge and keep your device in great condition.

1. Unplug your IQOS when it's fully charged

One of the most common ways to wear out your IQOS battery is to overcharge it. Therefore, leaving your IQOS device connected to the charger for longer than necessary can end up causing some battery malfunction. Unplugging your IQOS when it’s fully charged is an easy way of keeping battery life longer.

2. Do not let the battery empty before you recharge it

Allowing your battery to empty fully before you recharge it, really reduces its lifespan. Instead, you should recharge the IQOS after every 20 uses - which, conveniently, is whenever you finish a pack of heated tobacco sticks.

3. Keep your IQOS at the proper temperature

It’s a little-known fact that exposure to high or low temperatures can damage products like IQOS, reducing the lifespan of both the device and its battery. After each use, make sure to always store your IQOS in a cool place and do not expose the device to direct sunlight. Try not to store your device in very cold places either.

4. Keep your IQOS clean

To get the most out of your IQOS, clean it regularly using the IQOS cleaning brush and cleaning sticks (uniquely designed to facilitate the maintenance and cleaning of your device) and never use any liquid that could damage the battery.

IQOS battery safety

We often see concerns about the safety of e-cigarette batteries on the internet, but IQOS does not fall into this category.  All IQOS products undergo exhaustive safety tests before they go on sale. Every material used is tested and assessed, and each component conforms to an extremely high level of quality and safety standards.

This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.