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IQOS travel support
IQOS travel support

IQOS travel support

If you are going to travel with your equipment, these tips were made for you:


If you have an equipment with a blade or pin, bring your cleaning brush and cleaning sticks. In case you have IQOS ILUMA, no cleaning will be necessary;


Avoid exposing your equipment to direct sunlight, water, sand and sunscreen. Check our catalog for IQOS accesories to charge, store and protect your IQOS;


Make sure the device is registered and the account is active at to make it easy to activate the warranty in case of need


If you travel by plane, remember to always carry your device in your hand luggage since it is a battery-powered electronic device

If you are travelling abroad:


Users should check the legal limit of TEREA, HEETS and Fiitz allowed to be carried in their luggage, as each destination country´s legislation is different.

Carry on

The places where you can use your equipment abroad may vary according to local law. Check in the destination country for the current legislation


The site is available abroad with data roaming. if the coneection is established by WI-FI network, the available site will be the local one, where you will find, in most cases, the IQOS stores available


If your destination is a country where IQOS does not yet exist, we recoomend that you bring a second device and its compatible consumables.

This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.