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What is IQOS?

IQOS is a new technology that heats tobacco instead of burning it. When the tobacco is heated, it creates an aerosol with authentic tobacco taste without combustion, ash, or smoke and a much less intense smell.

What happens when the tobacco is heated?

By means of an electronic control, the IQOS device heats the tobacco stick to temperatures of no more than 350°C, without igniting it. When heated, an aerosol with real tobacco taste is released.

Does IQOS generate smoke or second-hand smoke?

IQOS does not burn tobacco and therefore does not generate smoke or second-hand smoke. IQOS generates an aerosol that is very different to cigarette smoke (as IQOS heats tobacco rather than burning it, it releases an aerosol with a much less intense smell and which dissipates much more easily than cigarette smoke).

Is IQOS an e-cigarette?

IQOS is not an e-cigarette, as it does not use liquid nicotine. IQOS is a device that allows real tobacco sticks to be consumed, by heating them, generating an aerosol with a tobacco flavor that contains nicotine.

Can I use IQOS in enclosed public places?

Since 1 January 2018 in Portugal, the use of IQOS has not been allowed in enclosed public places, unless smoking is authorized in these spaces.

Where can I buy IQOS?

You can purchase the IQOS kit at our online store, at an IQOS store or space or through an IQOS sales adviser, available whenever and wherever you need it.

Where can I find further information about IQOS?

Visit our website or get in touch using any of the available channels.

Where is IQOS made?

IQOS was developed by the Research & Development department at Philip Morris International in Switzerland. The Holder and Pocket Charger are assembled by one of the leading electronic manufacturers in Malaysia. 

Can I use cigarettes with IQOS device?

No you should not. IQOS device has been designed to work exclusively with HEETS tobacco sticks, and vice versa.

It is only by using both together that you can take full advantage of the benefits that the system provides and that have been proven by PMI science.

All our studies are based on the use of IQOS with HEETS tobacco sticks.

Is IQOS safe as an electronic device?

IQOS Holder and Pocket Charger are safe, as electronic devices, when used in accordance with the instructions in the Quick Start Guide.  For more details refer to the User Guide.

They both comply with EU consumer electronic safety requirements indicated by the “CE (European Conformity) symbols on the packaging.

What are the optimal IQOS storage conditions?

Keep IQOS away from water, direct sunlight and/or heat.

Do not leave IQOS device for extended period of time in a hot place, such as inside a car, as the battery or electronics may be damaged or significantly deteriorated.

My device emits a vapour when I turn it on. Is this normal?

Sometimes, a small amount of aerosol is released when the pre-heating process begins, this is normal.

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