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What are HEETS?

HEETS are an innovative tobacco product designed specifically for heated tobacco consumption. They contain a blend of high-quality tobacco prepared to be used exclusively with the IQOS system. Adult consumers will be able to consume real tobacco, with a filter and nicotine, just like when smoking a cigarette. However, unlike cigarettes, in which tobacco is burned, the IQOS system heats the HEETS and produces an aerosol that allows adult consumers to enjoy the taste of tobacco. Adult consumers can choose between three HEETS flavors: 

— Amber, with a more intense flavor;

— Yellow, with a less intense flavor;

— Turquoise, with a minty flavor.

Do HEETS tobacco sticks contain nicotine?

Yes, HEETS tobacco sticks contain nicotine, which is addictive.

Nicotine is naturally present in the tobacco used in HEETS. It is released in the vapor that is generated during the IQOS usage.

Where can I buy HEETS?

You can buy HEETS from all establishments selling IQOS, in addition to the main tobacconists and petrol stations. Consult the map for your closest HEETS point of sale.

Why are HEETS tobacco sticks shorter than cigarettes?

The HEETS tobacco sticks are designed specifically for the IQOS devices. They have an optimal length, diameter and design for the IQOS Holder.

Why do HEETS tobacco sticks taste different from my usual cigarettes?

The taste of IQOS is different from cigarettes because tobacco is heated rather than burned.

By heating the tobacco, the true taste of the tobacco is released.

HEETS tobacco sticks are made from a specially selected blend of tobacco in order to provide tobacco taste and satisfaction that replicates as much as possible what adult smokers expect.

How many times can I inhale from a HEET?

The tobacco stick lasts for approximately 6 minutes or around 14 puffs. Note that if you inhale quickly, it will not last as long. Try to inhale gradually.

Are the filters in HEETS recyclable or biodegradable?

The filters used in tobacco sticks are not biodegradable. Once used, tobacco sticks should not be placed in a normal rubbish bin.

Are there restrictions on transporting tobacco sticks to other countries?

The rules concerning the entry of tobacco sticks are very similar to those applicable to cigarettes in most countries, although in some cases they may differ. Before travelling, we recommend that you confirm with the authorities in the country you are travelling to about the applicable legislation.

In Portugal, you may enter the country with 20g of heated tobacco, the equivalent to 3 packs.

Why does my tobacco stick’s filter change colour and look different after I use it?

The PLA filter is made from polylactic acid, which is one of the world’s most common biopolymers, obtained from sugar cane or starch. It removes excess water vapor from the aerosol and thus reduces the perceived temperature of the aerosol/vapor. During the IQOS experience, the PLA filter will change color and look different afterwards. This natural change during the IQOS experience occurs in particular as a result of the removal of excess water vapor from the aerosol to provide a pleasant inhalation experience.

This filter will be harder after the IQOS experience.

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